Reliable robotic blast cleaning for diverse challenges

Blastman robots help transform the operations of customers faced with diverged challenges. Whether your need is to clean large or medium-size steel structures such as wind turbines and tower sections, excavator and crane parts, beams, containers and trailers, hub castings, generator housings and transformer blocks the Blastman Robot cleans to perfection.

Steel Structures 3

New and demanding customer requirements

At Blastman Robotics we are continually working to meet new and more demanding customer requirements whilst maintaining the highest standards of quality and reliability.

Our highly versatile and flexible robot system optimizes the surface quality for painting or coating. Each tailor-made robot system is designed to achieve the required degree of roughness. Moreover, a Blastman Robot maintains these standards even when faced with unique and demanding customer requirements, unlike other conventional blasting methods.

Steel Structures 4

Transforming blast cleaning and your business operations

Blastman’s robotized blast chamber replaces the inefficiencies and dangers of manual blasting with highly efficient automated technology.

The working environment and operating conditions will be drastically improved as the robot is operated from an air-conditioned control room away from the dust and noise.