Designed to last, advanced abrasive robotics is the future of blast cleaning

With a fully dust-protected mechanism and unique software, it is no wonder that Blastman robots have already been hard at work for over 30 years, replacing several men in up to 3 shifts a day, delivering unparalleled quality and substantial savings for our customers worldwide.

Indeed, even after more than 20 years on the job some of our earliest robots continue to operate on a daily basis, delivering outstanding levels of efficiency and ongoing payback.

Efficient, reliable and providing exceptional added value from technical flexibility

A Blastman robot is remarkably versatile. It can be easily adapted to clean workpieces of different shapes and sizes and is equally efficient when cleaning large and complex objects as it is with smaller simpler tasks.

Many of the most challenging cavities and blindest of angles can be reached and cleaned with the help of an oscillating nozzle, further enhancing the entire cleaning process. Uniquely complex objects can be thoroughly cleaned by either manual operation of the robot or fully automated cleaning in the case of serial products.

Our robots are at your service and are able to use any abrasive medium, according to requirements.

Quality and economic benefits go hand in hand with a Blastman Robot

Eliminating human error is just the first step in our automated abrasive blast cleaning solutions, enabling cost-conscious production that goes far beyond the physical and economic limitations of manual blasting.

Achieving the precise roughness and an immaculately clean surface is directly affected by a combination of factors: the type of abrasive material, the exact pressure, the nozzle shape and the distance and angle between the nozzle and object being blasted. Blastman’s advanced abrasive solution covers these requirements as well as others.

Nozzle control, manipulating both distance and angle, optimizes the finished surface quality. Furthermore, Blastman Robots are utilizing the optimum compressed air pressure for each abrasive material to achieve the best surface quality.


Combining flexibility with simplicity of operation

Robot programming itself could not be simpler. In most cases this is done with point-to-point (PTP) programming with the aid of a portable teaching pendant and no actual blasting.

 Alternatively, whilst the first object is been cleaned by manual joystick operation, the blasting sequence is memorized and repeated automatically from then onwards.

 Even the demands of serial production for the very highest levels of efficiency are met through computer simulation, which does not affect the robot’s operation.

 Investing in the versatility and flexibility of a Blastman Robot is the surest and most reliable road to efficient performance and greatly reduced operating costs in a cleaner, safer operating environment.


by safety

At Blastman we are inspired to deliver advanced and tailored blast cleaning solutions that are not only considerably more cost-effective than manual methods, but which drastically improve safety.

 Operating the robot manually through joysticks takes place in a modern ergonomic, air-conditioned cabin, light years away from the noisy, dusty and health-risk world of manual blasting. Gone is the physical strain and risk of injury from blast particles travelling at more than 200 metres per second. No more heavy, restrictive and protective clothing. No more accidents and sick leave. No more production delays.

 Once automated cleaning begins the robot can be monitored from the relative peace and quiet of a control room outside the blast chamber. Our automated blast-cleaning solutions transform operational areas, creating a modern, safe environment and providing immediate and measurable benefits for both employer and employees.