Greatly reduced operating costs and increased efficiency

are just the start. A Blastman Robot, with its tireless durability, is also a versatile operator that eliminates the risk of human error. Using Blastman’s advanced technology will achieve a surface quality supremely optimized for painting and coating.

Our robots deliver unique blast-cleaning solutions, combining reliability and productivity with exceptional versatility. They transform the blast cleaning environment through a robotized process that is reliable and technically advanced, leading to productivity levels and efficiencies that will bring substantial returns to your investment.

The impressive reliability, efficiency and quality of the Blastman Robot

is rooted in its tireless capability for non-stop operation at a level of performance that could not be achievable by any traditional manual blasting system.

Able to do the work of several manual blasting operators, you can also rely on a Blastman Robot to produce immaculately clean surfaces to the exact specified degree of roughness setting new standards far superior to those achieved employing other methods.

Higher pressure combined with variable nozzle sizes and shapes, which allow for precision control and speed far greater than those of manual methods, result in efficiencies that will give your company much more than the edge against your competitors.

Payback Mission

A Blastman Robot has a mission. Highly efficient and reliable in its versatile operations, low on maintenance, labour, energy and other operating costs, a Blastman Robot’s mission is to provide you with a fast return on your investment.

Designed to prepare immaculate surfaces of the highest quality whilst delivering greatly enhanced cost control, a Blastman Robot will bring your business operations to a new level.

The unmatched technical capabilities of our robots will deliver economic efficiencies, quickly making the Blastman Robot system one of the wisest investments you can make for your company’s future.