Blast and paint enclosures

Blastman blast and paint enclosures are always designed according to customer requirements. The Blastman enclosure concept supports different requirements for production flow, space, safety, ventilation, noise reduction and lighting. Blastman booths are well suited for both robotic and manual operations.


Blast enclosures are covered with special rubber for protection from abrasive hits. Blast room windows and lighting are protected by steel nets.

Control room

The Blastman control room is an air conditioned and noise insulated room for operators to control the blasting process. The room includes the robot’s electrical power centres, control centres and joysticks.

Ventilation and dust removal

Blastman blast and paint rooms are equipped with effective ventilation and dust removal. Air flow and dust removal capacity is calculated based on blast room size and used processes. The ventilation system generates vacuum pressure inside the blast room, preventing dust leaks.