Blastman Robotics designs and delivers complete blast cleaning solutions. The solutions provide superior blast cleaning efficiency and blasting quality. All examples here are from real life deliveries which have proven to meet or exceed all the customer needs.

This solution is a perfect fit for the blast cleaning of large products with moderate/high production volume. The solution has one roof mounted Blastman B20S robot and work pieces are moved by using carriages on rails. The robot is able to blast clean the large products all around including inside surfaces.

This solution is a perfect fit for small-medium size products with high production volume. The solution has two wall mounted Blastman B16S robots and the work pieces are moved with overhead conveyor. Please check the video.

This is an excellent solution for small-medium size work pieces with limited work space. The solution has one wall mounted Blastman B16S robot and the work pieces are moved by a turn table. The combination of the wall mounted robot and turn table ensures that the work pieces can be blasted all around.

This is an ultimate solution for the high volume production of large structure like freight cars. The solution has two wall mounted Blastman B16S and two roof mounted Blastman B20S robots. The roof mounted robots can blast clean all inside areas through the small openings on the top of rail car. Please check the video.

This is the most common solution for the blast cleaning of passenger cars. The solution has one roof mounted Blastman B20S robot and two wall mounted Blastman B16MLG manlifts. The manlifts are used for preparation and inspection. Please check the video.

This is optimal solution for very large work pieces. The solution has one roof mounted B20C-S robot which is equipped with moving control cabin. Work pieces may be blasted by using the robot as manipulator or in automatic run.

This solution is widely used by wind tower manufactures. The solution has a wall mounted Blastman B12 robot which also controls the rotating of work piece. The solution does not require robot programming but blast programs are generated automatically based on tower dimensions. Please check the video.