There are three different ways to program the robots:
Teach-in, PTP and Offline (Optional).

Teach-in programming

Teach-in programming is easy and quick way of programming the robot. Blast program is recorded while operator manually operates the robot and blast cleans a workpiece. All movements of robot and other control changes are stored into the blast program.

PTP programming

PTP programming is an excellent way of preparing detailed and optimized blast programs. The programming is carried out with a handheld teach pendant by teaching the robot to move point-to-point.

Offline programming

Offline programming is carried out with Blastman 3D simulation software. Robot blast programs can be easily created without disturbing the running production. The programming method is especially useful for the customer with heavy mass production. Offline programming is an optional feature and requires 3D models of workpieces.

Automatic blast program generation

Automatic blast program generation is also possible for relatively simple workpieces. Blastman has developed and delivered a couple of solutions where blast programs have been generated automatically based on a few main dimensions of a workpiece. This feature is optional and requires special implementation.