Whenever vertical space is limited, a wall-mount Blastman robot is used. It is possible to have two robots working together from opposite walls, or to have the workpiece turned when using just one robot.

The main movements of wall-mount robots are longitudinal and vertical. Every model is capable of handling one or two nozzles with a diameter of 12-19 mm and pressure up to 10 bar.

The main dimensions are tailored according to the blast chamber and workpieces.

Blastman B12

Blastman B12 is a 4-axis wall-mount robot for simple shaped workpieces. The turning of workpieces may be controlled by the robot as the 5th robotic axis. Applications include, for example, blasting of wind tower sections and large tanks.

Blastman B16S

Blastman B16S is a 7-axis wall-mount robot with excellent flexibility for complex workpieces. Applications include, for example, blasting of containers, turbine parts, castings and freight wagons.

Blastman B16CX

Blastman B16CX is a 7-axis wall-mount robot with control cabin. The robot is designed to replace manual blasting and suits prefectly for non-serial and serial productions. Blast programs for automatic run can be easily made by recording a manual run.