Blastman Robotics Ltd

World leader in the supply of reliable and advanced robotic abrasive blast cleaning systems

Blastman Robotics Ltd has over 40 years of experience in delivering tailored applications in abrasive blast cleaning. Blastman Robotics has delivered solutions for road and rail transport, foundries, wind power and energy, a multitude of steel structures, aerospace and much more.

The unique Blastman robot delivers innovative solutions, applying the latest advanced technologies to overcome blast cleaning challenges.

The Unique Blastman Robot

Blastman Robotics delivers innovative solutions by applying the very latest advanced technologies to overcome challenges in the blast cleaning environment.

Blastman Robotics is increasingly the number one choice for blast cleaning installations around the world. Blastman robots can be incorporated into any surface treatment lines to achieve the best possibly quality and optimized production.

The tailored manufacturing and modular assembly of the robots allows Blastman to provide the best fit for all surface treatment lines.

Our goal is to provide our customers with exceptional added value

…through innovative and tailored solutions, which combine greater efficiency, reliability, flexibility, unsurpassed quality and greatly improved safety.

These pioneering solutions are based on the strongest possible commitment to ongoing learning, exploration and development, enabling us to adapt to and solve new challenges.

Maintaining your system throughout the entire life of the facility and supporting your company’s changing needs, Blastman Robotics Ltd takes pride in being your dedicated, supportive and reliable longterm partner.

From rail rolling stock to aerospace, Blastman’s advanced robotic solutions are by far the most economical and reliable business choice.

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