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Blastman Robotics aftersales customer promises

We improve your investment value by extending the lifetime of your equipment.

We improve your productivity by maximizing the up time of your equipment and optimizing the blasting.

We reduce your costs by minimizing the cost of downtime and optimizing your abrasive material usage and recycling.

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Services for New Equipment

For the owner of new Blastman Robotics equipment we offer several customer services to improve your investment value, to maximize the productivity and up time of your equipment and to reduce your costs.

Tailored spare parts package to guarantee maximum uptime
  • We can provide uptime maximization packages tailored to your robot setup.
  • This package will contain all needed parts to guarantee fast repairs on site.
  • Training for fast part replacement is also available.


Wear part packages according your need
  • Based on your forecasted production, we can provide you all wear parts in schedule you want.
  • Original Blastman wear parts are specially selected to be used with our robots and they last longer than standard parts.


Service program tailored to meet your needs
  • We will offer support to you on the level you require. We could be  available on call or we can be at your site 24/7. Contact us to learn more about service programs.


Offline programming software and services to guarantee maximum productivity
  • Our offline programming tool is effective tool for blasting program design.
  • Blasting can be designed and simulated on remote workstation without disturbing production.
  • Our specialists can support you remotely in blasting program design by programming and checking blasting programs.


Training for operating and robot maintenance
  • We have training programs available for new and advanced operators and maintenance people.
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Spare and Wear Part Services

Blastman Robotics offers all required spare and wear parts for the robots and abrasive handling systems.

By using Blastman Robotics spare and wear parts you can be sure of the quality and compatibility of all parts used.

Warehouse services
  • Contact Blastman to learn more about warehouse services.
Spare parts packages
  • Spare parts kit for emergency repair. All parts that are required to get robot running within 24 hours. Training for maintenance personnel to replace these parts is also available.
Wear parts packages
  • Based on your forecasted production, we can provide you all wear parts in schedule you want.
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Inspections and Preventive Maintenance

Blastman Robotics offers tailored solutions of robot inspections and preventive maintenance as on-call service.

If Inspections and Preventive Maintenance are included on your current service program, these solutions are automatically available for you.

Inspection visits

Our experienced inspectors generate report of overall condition of the robot, needed further actions and spare parts recommendations. And for future needs, the backup of the system parameters is also generated in inspection visit.


Preventive maintenance

Preventive Maintenance will be made according to agreed schedule or according report generated in inspection visit.

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Consultation and Optimization Services

Over the equipment lifetime, Blastman Robotics offers you various services to optimize your productivity.

Offline Programming Software and Services

Speed up product changes in the factory with powerful software for offline blasting programming. Blastman Robotics offers you Robot and blasting chamber modeling service, Offline software license and Offline programming service.


Blasting Process Optimization Services

With blasting process optimization you can achieve considerable savings and improve the quality of the blasting process.

Our services for blasting process are:

  • Review and redesign of existing robot blasting programs and quality of blasting.
  • Analysis of abrasive material in Blastman Robotics laboratory.
  • Abrasive material recycling system analysis and tuning.


Training Services

Training for your new personnel or advanced training for previously trained operators. Training can be arranged at customer site or in Blastman Training Centre in Oulu. Training services include Operator training for robot usage and programming, Maintenance training for Preventive maintenance and repair service (with spare parts) and Offline software training.

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Repair Services and Retrofits

Blastman Robotics service team knows best the Blastman robots. We offer you emergency repair services with highest possible quality and we guarantee fastest possible delivery to minimize your downtime.

With the knowledge we have gained over the years, we can assess if it is more valuable to replace or repair a component or a large structure. 

Repair Services

Sometime something breaks. Blastman Robotics After Sales offers you emergency repair services with highest possible quality as agreed in your service program. We always guarantee fastest possible delivery to minimize your downtime.



Sometimes replacing a component or large structure is more appropriate action than repairing it. Our service experts will design the structure according the original plans but also implementing the experience we have acquired from all our installations.

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Equipment Modernization

Blastman Robotics modernizations can provide a complete transformation of your existing robot as an alternative to replacing it.

Modernizations can also give you an opportunity to add current technologies to your existing system – which can extend dramatically the lifetime of the system.

Typical cases of Equipment Modernization
  1. Replace hydraulic robot with servo motor robot.
  2. Replace robot control system with latest model.
  3. Replace hydraulic operated axis with servo operated axis.
  4. Replace you abrasive material recycling system or part of it.
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