10. May. 2024
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Case: AMADA AUTOMATION EUROPE LTD. Bennäs, Pedersöre, Finland


AMADA Automation Europe (AAE) is part of the global AMADA Group, in Japan. AMADA is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-technology metalworking machinery.
Amada made the decision to renew its surface treatment line, including blasting, painting, and drying chambers. All technological process is automatized, blasting and painting are done by robots.


Metalworking machinery blasted bu abrasive blasting robots

Metalworking machinery



The target was to replace the manual blasting process with robotics and to increase the efficiency and quality of blasting. The use and programming must be simple and easy as workpieces have a lot of variation.

Today blast cleaning is done with 2 robots, which are programmed using Blastman Studio. The entire room is integrated into the overhead conveyor system for maximum efficiency and reduced labor.


 Blastman solution is full automated pass-through blasting chamber. 


Blasting chamber for two Blastman robots and control stations



Blastman solution is a fully automated pass-through blasting chamber. Workpieces are moving with overhead conveyors, which are integrated and communicating with the robots and blast room.
The core of Blastman supply are two wall-type robots B16XS and blast pot BP1100 which allow continuous operation of robots. The robots are supported by the complete blast room delivery by Blastman, including room enclosure, abrasive handling, and ventilation.
The robots work in automatic mode according to previously created blasting programs. Creation of blasting programs for the robot is done by operators using Blastman Studio software, developed by Blastman, especially for robots and the blasting process. It is intuitive software, creating and modifying of blasting programs is fast and easy.




Nozzel diameter 16mm
Number of nozzles/robot    1
Blasting pressure 8 bar
Abrasive Steel grit
Degrees of freedom 7 per robot
Blasting rate 130m2/h
Programming Offline: Blastman Studio     
Operation mode Automatic



The new blasting chamber works reliably as an important part of the surface treatment line. Blastman robots allow to achievement high-quality of blasting of surfaces. Customer production has greatly increased thanks to the high efficiency of the robots. Additionally, Blastman solution has greatly improved working conditions and workplace safety.


Two Blastman B16XS robots installed in the blasting chamber 

Blastman B16XS robots


Blastman 16XS robots and the workpiece in the blasting chamber

Complete blast room delivery