13. Jan. 2021
Company News


Case: Fonderie Mora Gavardo Spa, Italy


Fonderie Mora Gavardo Spa currently a member of Camozzi Group has been cleaning all the heavyweight castings since 1996 with a Blastman Robot-operated blasting chamber. The operational blast cleaning facility was completely destroyed in 2013 by fire.  After a comparison of different cleaning methods and based on more than 15 years of experience Mora decided to rebuild the new blast cleaning room based on the Blastman robot-operated blasting.



The original requirement since the first delivery has been to clean even the most complicated heavyweight castings completely by robot operating blasting nozzle efficiently minimizing manual operations.


Evolution in cast-iron castings

In its continuous process of growth and development, which culminated with the entry into the Camozzi Group, Fonderie Mora Gavardo has structured a unique offering of medium and large-sized castings.


Advantages of Automated Blast Cleaning


  • considerable savings in production costs
  • increased production capacity
  • remarkable health and safety implications
  • freedom to use any abrasive material
  • desired surface cleanliness and roughness
  • slight surface shaping by controlling the blast pressure
  • working lifts and platforms not needed
  • increased fatigue strength of specific welded joints


Technical Information


  Nozzle diameter                  2 x19 mm
  Degrees of freedom             8
  Number of nozzles/robot      2
  Programming                      Teach-In  and Point-to-Point
  Blasting pressure                 9 bar
  Operation mode                   Automatic and manual

Abrasive                              Mix of Steel shot and grit



The blast room is equipped with one Blastman B20C-S robot. The robot arm is equipped with two 19 mm blast nozzles.

The Blastman robot cleans both interior and exterior surfaces of various heavyweight castings.


The required roughness and cleanliness have been reached in a given cycle time.