World´s largest blast cleaning robot - Sandblasting huge structures

23. Nov. 2023
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World´s largest blast cleaning robot - Sandblasting huge structures

The design team at Blastman Robotics Ltd was tasked with automating the abrasive blasting process for work pieces over 15 m high and 20 m wide. The result was the world's largest blast cleaning robot with 10 meter long telescope.


Due to the limited space available, the manufacturing and testing of the robot required a special design effort. The roof of the factory acceptance test site was raised and opened to allow the robots to be brought in through the roof. Blastman robots are designed to match the customers work piece size, surface cleanliness, production facilities and to withstand the harsh blast cleaning environment. The oldest Blastman robot in use is 32 years old.

See the whole operation in the video below!


Largest sandblasting robot in the world

Factory acceptance test for the world´s largest sandbalsting robot


Blastman Robotics Ltd has over 40 years of experience in delivering tailored applications in abrasive blast cleaning. When it comes to supplying sandblasting solutions, we value our established reputation as a long-term, reliable partner that offers you exceptional value.


  •  Integrity
  •  Long-term reliability
  •  Support for your changing needs
  •  Continuous learning and development
  •  A high level of care in customer relations and service
  •  Ability to adapt to new challenges and situations


Blastman robots are built for blasting and our robots are used in various different industries:


  •  Rail industry
  •  Containers
  •  Cranes
  •  Energy industry
  •  Oil and gas
  •  Wind power
  •  Aerospace
  •  Steel structures
  •  Trailers
  •  Ship building
  •  Foundries
  •  Blasting and painting contractors
  •  Manufacture and repair of machinery
  •  and many more


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