Our references include:

  • Rautaruukki Oy, Finland
  • Abakan Wagonmash, Russia
  • Maersk Container Industri, Denmark
  • Balticum Frinab Ab, Sweden
  • Icova B.V., The Netherlands
  • Europress Group Oy, Finland
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Transportation and storage of various materials takes mostly place by containers.

The visual appearance of containers is becoming more important, because the containers in transportation and storage are often part of our everyday environment.

Generally companies want to keep their containers looking good as they also act as billboards on the move. Nearly all containers have a company logo painted on the side.

The mechanical life time of the containers depends remarkably on the quality of the surface treatment. Proper surface treatment reduces the risk of rusting and therefore makes the lifetime longer.

Blastman robot operated blasting is the perfect solution for the surface preparation prior to painting. This applies for new production and repair work.

Products blast cleaned everyday by Blastman robots:

Sea freight containers

Reefer containers

Waste material containers

Waste material compactors

Large trash bins

Container silos

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