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Rail Rolling Stock – Freight Cars

Painting quality of freight cars is very critical, because the car is directly exposed transport and weather conditions. The exterior paint job gets hit by stones, dust and sand constantly, damaging the paint and possibly peeling poorly adhered sections.

Additionally, interior coating quality is crucial as well, since it is often measured and needs to be in accordance with national or international standards. The interior coating also wears over time as contents of the freight car are loaded and unloaded. Often the materials transported can be corrosive themselves, putting an extra strain on the interior coating.

The Blastman automatic robot is able to blast clean the interior and exterior surfaces of train cars, whilst providing a constant surface quality for every part of the surface. Constant and high quality surface treatment is essential, since 80 % of all paint, and other coating, failures are caused by poor surface pre-treatment. A high quality surface treatment prior to coating ensures excellent adhesion between the coating and metal surface.

A mechanically strong paint film also prolongs the life time of a freight car. Often manufacturers are required to give a warranty for the exterior paint job and interior coating. To ensure the coating lasts for a long time, proper surface treatment prior to painting is required.


Products blast cleaned everyday by Blastman robots:

Box cars

Hopper cars

Tank cars

Flat cars



And many more

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