Our references include:

  • Samsung Heavy Industries, South Korea
  • MacGregor Hägglunds, Sweden
  • Liebherr Container Cranes, Ireland
  • Liebherr-MCCtec Rostock GmbH, Germany
  • Kalmar Industries AB, Sweden


All kinds of cranes require a strong long-lasting painted surface. This especially the case for cranes operating outdoors. Proper surface treatment prior to painting ensures good adhesion between the paint film and the crane frame. This ensures a longer lifetime for the crane as it won't rust as quickly and less repair work is needed.

The visual appearance of large cranes as part of our view and the environment is important as well.

All cranes are subject to regular inspection and condition control. A properly painted surface is required in these inspections.

Crane manufacturers are often required to provide a long term warranty. This includes the painted surface of the crane structure.

A long-lasting paint job can only be guaranteed, if the surface preparation prior to the painting is perfect.


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