Our references include:

  • Voith Paper, Ravensburg, Germany
  • Katera Steel Oy, Kajaani, Finland
  • Anti-Corr, Sävsjö, Sweden
  • Amada Europe, Charleville-Meziers, France
  • Peecon, Etten-Leur, Belgium
  • Ponsse Oyj, Vieremä, Finland

Machine Manufacturing and Repair

Large size of machineries require good surface preparation. An automated Blastman blast cleaning robot is the most effective and efficient method for surface treatment operations.

Machines are subject to harsh conditions out in the world and in different facilities. Therefore, they require a good paint job to ensure protection from corrosion. As 80 % of paint failures are caused by poor surface treatment prior to painting, it is essential that a constant high quality is provided in the blast cleaning process. The easiest way to achieve this, is through an automated blast cleaning robot.

Automated robots are highly efficient due to high pressures and large nozzles used in operation. Blastman blast cleaning robots are also capable of using all kinds of abrasive materials, so both steel and stainless workpieces can be blast cleaned with the same application.


Products blast cleaned everyday by Blastman robots:

Paper machinery components

Forklift components

Machining equipment

Agricultural machinery

Forest machinery

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