Our references include:

  • Enercon Windtower Production, Malmö, Sweden
  • Global Castings, Guldsmedshyttan, Sweden
  • Enercon, Aurich, Germany
  • Metalldesign Magdeburg GmbH, Germany
  • Martifer, Portugal
  • Smulders Projects Belgium N.V., Belgium
  • EWP Windtower Production Ab, Sweden
  • Muelhahn, Windsor, Canada
  • CS Wind, Campbeltown, Scotland
  • Trinity, Tulsa/Newton, USA

Wind Power

Wind power plants onshore and offshore require a long-lasting and mechanically strong painted surface.

The visual appearance of large towers is very important as well as they are part of our view and environment.

Blastman fully automated robotic blast cleaning solution has been proven to be the most efficient and reliable method for surface treatment in the windmill manufacturing industry. Robotic blast cleaning provides a constant high-quality surface preparation grade and the correct roughness for the entire workpiece. The efficiency of an automatic blast cleaning robot is over tenfold compared to traditional manual blasting.


Products blast cleaned every day by Blastman robots:

Tower sections

Rotor hubs

Generator components

Generator housings

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