Our references include:

  • Fincantieri, Italy
  • Visions East, Fort Lauderdale, USA
  • I. P. Huse, Harøy, Norway
  • C&C Marine and Repair, Belle Chasse, USA
  • CUMT, Nantong, China

Ship Building

One of the most demanding painting requirements is set in the ship building industry. This is due to the harsh environment caused by water and salt. Quite often a very high surface quality is required to meet these harsh conditions. A constant high quality can only be achieved through automatic abrasive blasting. A robotized operation ensures constant cleanliness and roughness grade throughout the entire workpiece.

Blastman automatic robots are tailor-made to accommodate even the largest ship blocks or barges. An automatic robot is able to blast clean the entire workpiece without any need for scaffolding, ladders, or manlifts.

Maintenance is a huge part of the ship building industry. The longer the ship is out of service due to maintenance the more it costs the operator. A lot of maintenance, regarding the surface of the ship, is done outside in changing weather conditions. An enclosed blast room equipped with an automatic Blastman robot reduces the maintenance period greatly because the risk of flash rust created by moisture in the air or rain is completely removed. 


Products blast cleaned every day by Blastman robots:


Large ship blocks

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