I.P. Huse has been using the Blastman robot for over 15 years. Blastman supplied them with a blast cleaning solution to clean offshore winches. The surface quality requirements of any offshore component are very high and Blastman has assisted I.P Huse in reaching these goals.


Case study

Our references include:

  • Technip Offshore Oy, Finland
  • I.P.Huse, Haroy, Norway
  • Catepillar Castings Kiel GmbH, Kiel, Germany
  • Caterpillar Inc., Mapleton, USA
  • Fonderie Mora Spa, Gavardo, Italy
  • GE Power sp z o.o. (General Electric) Elblag Poland (2 deliveries)
  • Siemens Power and Gas, Berlin, Germany

Oil and Gas

The demanding climate and weather conditions in the oil and gas industry, especially in the offshore environment, impose very demanding requirements for the painting of structures. Suppliers of the structures and machinery pay special attention to the surface preparation prior to painting.

Typically, all structures are subject to individual inspection prior to painting. Automatic robot blasting ensures a constant high-quality surface treatment for all manufactured steel structures. This means savings in quality control and a decrease in reclamations caused by paint failure.


Products blast cleaned every day by Blastman robots:

Winches for offshore oil and gas drilling platforms.

Pipe spools

Boat landings

Structures and blocks of offshore oil production plants

Cylinder blocks of massive large-scale compressors.

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